Car Tuning Pack

Car Tuning Pack
Car Tuning Pack
max | mlt | obj | fbx | 3D models | 937 MB

Tune your car kit!

This kit contains alot of different parts – from tyres to rims, suspension, interior and performance upgrades. I’ve made a wide range of styles, including retro and sci-fi so you can experiment and have fun combining them, searching for the desired vision of your car let your mind run wild.

Suitable for render use and also game use no textures no materials included

The parts in the kit are:

Mid poly, non-subdivided
*so you can make them fit easily with FFD modifier or soft selection

*Unwrap them if needed

*Use them as a foundation and modify them to upgrade them further

Created, using double edge > hard edge workflow, so any subdivision method should work well (i use turbosmooth on 2nd iteration for best results)

With great topology

-booleans fitting the edge flow

-smooth transition on the joined parts for awesome highlights

Good naming with good pivot placement and one smooth group

With no branding, logos or emblems

With no UVs or materials assigned

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