UNITY | VFX | 48.91 MB

Welcome to PSXEffects! This is an asset package designed to assist you in simulating retro 3D graphics with just one script and a shader. Setup is very easy and instructions and documentation is included.

Key features include:

-Adjustable aliased resolution
-Two separate downscaling workflows
-Fixed downscale resolution
-Framerate limiting
-Camera position inaccuracy
-Affine texture mapping (texture distortion)
-Draw distance for entire polygons
-Vertex snapping
-Polygon depth error simulation
-Color depth
-Scanlines (Vertical and Horizontal)
-Screen-space dithering
-Material color tinting
-Unlit toggle
-Transparency support
-Cutout support
-Backface culling toggle
-Specular support
-Cubemap support
-Normal mapping
-Metal/smoothness mapping
-Emission mapping
-Specular mapping
-Vertex color support
-Fog support
-Point/spot light support
-Realtime shadow support
-Saturated diffuse
-Contrast-enhanced fade in/out effects
-Original PSX lighting techniques
-Plenty of shader properties
-Works with multi-camera setups
-All adjustable settings