DEXSOFT-GAMES Industrial 7 model pack

DEXSOFT-GAMES Industrial 7 model pack
3D models | 413 MB

This pack contains 33 models (including all LOD stages), 19 unique models. Additional textures for normal, height, spec and opacity maps are included (up to 2048px).

Many objects share the same textures to save texture memory. Most of the textures are the same like in our other industrial packs. So you can combine them easily without wasting texture memory.

Available 3d model formats:
» unityPackage (Unity 3) NEW!
» lwo (Lightwave)
» obj (Wavefront)
» dts (Torque without collision)
» ms3d (Milkshape)
» FBX (Autodesk and 3DGameStudio)
» x (DirectX)
» DAE (Collada)
» DBO (DarkBasic)
» b3d (Blitz Basic)
» u3d (Ultimate Unwrap)
» lxo (MODO NEW Format!)
» C4D (Cinema4D NEW Format!)

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