Bed Adler DVhomecollection

Bed Adler DVhomecollection
max | obj | 3D Models | 53.16 MB

A set of furniture in a bedroom from the Italian manufacturer DVhomecollecnion Polys: 1 272 944 Verts: 651 686 Bed Adler 1750 x 2100 x h1650 m Wall bracket Johns 250 x 100 x h1000 mm Cabinet Hilton 590x 380x h650 mm The fur is made with the Hair & Fur modifier. Modifiers are disabled. To visualize the fur in Vray, you need to highlight the plaid, turn on the Hair & Fur modifier, and also go to the Environment & Effects tab, turn on the mr prim tick. Obj format does not contain a fur modifier. All textures are present.

dv home, dvhomecollection, adler, hilton, johns, table lamp, nightstand, pillows, linens, fur, plaid

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