Collection of Nice Car Models VI

Collection of Nice Car Models VI
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Collection of Nice Car Models VI

Cars Included (bonus truck and bike):

BMW M2 Coupe 2016 [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj]
Chevrolet Camaro 1970 ProTouring – 3D Model [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj]
Dodge Charger 1969 Custom – 3D model [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj]
Dodge Coronet Super Bee 1970 – 3D Model [3ds-c4d-fbx-max-obj]
Dodge RAM 1500 Laramie Limited 2015 – Vray – 3D Model [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj]
Empire Motorcycle Bike 3D Model [max]
Ford Mustang GT500 Eleanor 2015 [max]
Henry Clay Motorsports Veloce GTS-8 – 3D Model [fbx-max-obj]
Honda VFR 800 Motorcycle – 3D Model [obj]
Hudson Hornet 2-door 1954 – Vray – 3D Model [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj-mb]
International Durastar Box 2002 – Vray – 3D Model [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj-mb]
Koenigsegg Agera 2011 – Vray – 3D Model [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj-mb]
Lamborghini Veneno Roadster 2014 – 3D Model [c4d-max-obj]
Lexus GX 460 2014 [max-obj]
Maserati MC12 – Vray – 3D Model [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj-mb]
Maybach Exelero [3ds-c4d-max-obj]
Mercedes Actros Spacecab [max]
Pagani Zonda F 2005 – Vray – 3D Model [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj-mb]
Porsche 911 Carrera Clubsport 1995 – Vray – 3D Model [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj-mb]
Porsche 917 K 1969 – Vray – 3D model [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj]
Porsche Cars Collection [max]
Praga R1 – 3D Model [3ds-fbx-max-obj]
Renault Alpine A110 2018 – 3D Model [3ds-c4d-fbx-lwo-max-obj]
Toyota Cars Collection [max]

The Toyota Car Collection and Porsche Cars Collection are models of a lesser quality but maybe usable to use in for example artist impressions for real estate etc.

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