200 Plus – Head & Face Morphs for Genesis 3 Male(s)

200 Plus – Head & Face Morphs for Genesis 3 Male(s)
Daz/Poser | 3D models | 15 MB

Now ported over to the Genesis 3 Male(s) 200 plus is an extensive set of 230 Real World Head and Face Morph Dials. Shape and tune all aspects of your characters facial features head including: Cranium, Face, Ears, Eyes, Forehead, Brows, Cheeks, Nose, Chin, Jaw, Mouth/Lips and Front Teeth.

The set includes 12 head presets covering some of the shapes and ethnic appearances possible.

This set can be used as a Merchant resource.

credit to Zev0 for converting this set from the Genesis 3 Female(s)

What’s Included and Features
200 Plus – Head & Face Morphs for Genesis 3 Male(s) (.DUF)
Head Morph Presets:
Zero All Head
Zero All 200 Plus
Full Face Morph Dials:
Face Angle Tilt
Face Depth
Face Length
Face Lower Define
Face Lower Depth
Face Lower Width
Face Lower Width Widen
Face Lower Width Narrow
Face Middle Depth
Face Outer Depth
Face Upper Depth
Face Upper Narrow A
Face Upper Narrow B
Face Upper Widen
Head Morph Dials
Cranium Back Flatten
Cranium Height
Cranium Lower Width
Cranium Size Larger
Cranium Size Smaller
Cranium Upper Width
Cranium Width
Head Width Narrow
Head Width Widen
Mouth Morph Dials:
Lip Lower Center Right
Lip Lower Curves A
Lip Lower Curves B
Lip Lower Curves C
Lip Lower Depth
Lip Lower Enlarge
Lip Lower Fuller
Lip Lower Height
Lip Lower Volume
Lip Lower Width
Lip Upper Corners Pout
Lip Upper Depth
Lip Upper Enlarge
Lip Upper Fuller
Lip Upper Height
Lip Upper Volume
Lip Upper Width
Lip Upper Outer Curves A
Lip Upper Outer Curves B
Lip Upper Peaks Height
Lip Upper Peaks Distance
Lip Upper Peaks Smooth
Lips Center Vertical
Lips Outer Vertical
Lips Thin Alt
Mouth Center vertical
Mouth Corner Tips
Mouth Corner Depth
Mouth Corner Vertical Adjust
Mouth Depth In
Mouth Depth Out
Mouth Height Alt
Mouth Line Curves inner
Mouth Line Curves Outer
Mouth Line Depth
Mouth Line Height
Mouth Small
Mouth Width Alt
Philtrum Curve
Philtrum Depth
Teeth Morph Dials:
Teeth Width
Teeth Depth
Teeth Height
Teeth Scale
Teeth Snaggle
Teeth Front Lower Angle
Teeth Lower Canines Vampire
Teeth Upper Canines Vampire
Teeth Upper Canines Angle
Teeth Upper Canines Height
Teeth Upper Canines Depth
Teeth Upper Canines Scale
Teeth Upper front Gap
Teeth Upper Middle Incisor L Height
Teeth Upper Middle Incisor R Height
Teeth Upper Middle Incisors Angle
Teeth Upper Middle Incisors Scale
Teeth Upper Outer Incisor L Height
Teeth Upper Outer Incisor R Height
Teeth Upper Outer Incisors Angle
Teeth Upper Outer Incisor Scale
Nose Morph Dials:
Nose Style Angular A
Nose Style Angular B
Nose Style Asian A
Nose Style Asian B
Nose Style Asian C
Nose Style Germanic
Nose Style Greek
Nose Style Indian A
Nose Style Indian B
Nose Style Nordic
Nose Style Nubian
Nose Style Perky
Nose Style Roman
Nose Style Sloped
Nose Style Snub
Nose Scale
Nose Size Depth
Nose Depth Alt
Nose Width Center Line
Nose Curve In
Nose Curve Out
Nose Broken
Nose Bulbus
Nose Lower Height
Nose Angle Up
Nose Angle Down
Nose Wing Height
Nose Wing Volume
Nose Wing Upper Height
Nose Wing Width
Nose Bridge Depth Alt
Nose Bridge Style Low
Nose Bridge Width Alt
Nostrils Length
Nostrils Size
Eyes Morph Dials:
Eye Lids Bottom Puffy
Eye Lids Bottom Sag
Eye Lids Depth
Eye Lids Height A
Eye Lids Height B
Eye Lids Inner Depth
Eyes Arched
Eyes Asian A
Eyes Asian B
Eyes Depth Alt
Eyes Distance
Eyes Droop
Eyes Height A
Eyes Height B
Eyes Inner Width
Eyes Inner Depth
Eyes Lacrimals Depth
Eyes Lacrimals Inward
Eyes Lacrimals Down
Eyes Lower Inner
Eyes Lower Middle A
Eyes Lower Middle B
Eyes Outer Depth
Eyes Outer Height
Eyes Outer Width
Eyes Scale
Eyes Slant In
Eyes Slant Out
Eyes Upper Inner
Eyes Upper Outer
Ears Morph Dials:
Ear Angle A
Ear Angle B
Ears Curl
Ears Position Depth
Ears Rotate
Ears Scale
Ears Width
Ears Shape 1
Ears Shape 2
Ears Shape 3
Ears Shape 4
Ears Shape 5
Brows and Forehead Morph Dials
Brows Arch
Brows Center Depth
Brows Define
Brows Depth
Brows Distance
Brows Height
Brows inner Height
Brows Outer Height
Brows Outer Width
Fore Head Depth
Fore Head Flatten
Fore Head Indent
Fore Head Protrude
Fore Head Style Indented
Fore Head Style Small
Fore Head Style Swept
Fore Head Temples Define
Fore Head Width
Cheeks Morph Dials:
Cheeks Bones Height
Cheeks Bones Size
Cheeks Bones Chubby
Cheeks Bones Define
Cheeks Depth A
Cheeks Depth B
Cheeks Lower Chubby A
Cheeks Lower Chubby B
Cheeks Lower Depth
Cheeks Nasolabial Fold Arc
Cheeks Sink Alt
Cheeks Size Alt
Cheeks Young
Chin Morph Dials:
Chin Cleft
Chin Define
Chin Depth Alt
Chin Length
Chin Outer Depth
Chin Pointed
Chin Rounded
Chin Square
Chin Scale
Chin Width Alt
Chin Valley Abrupt
Chin Valley Depth
Chin Valley Height
Chin Valley Shape
Jaw Morph Dials:
Jaw Corner Angle
Jaw Corner Height
Jaw Corner Width Alt
Jaw Curve Alt
Jaw Definition
Jaw Depth
Jaw Height Alt
Jaw Middle Width
Jaw Shape Angular
Jaw Shape Oval
Jaw Strength
Jaw Width
Under Jaw Bump
Under Jaw Double Chin A
Under Jaw Double Chin B
Under Jaw Neck Height
This product includes:
1 DSON Core Installer

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